Anne Mayer

Ann helped set up the Charitable Trust "Kids at Risk’ because she would like children who have not had the loving and caring upbringing she enjoyed a chance to be able to see a different future for themselves. Many Kids at Risk today do not feel, and are often not wanted, loved, or cared for and Ann would like to be able to assist these children to be able to see there is a better way forward growing hope for our future.

There is a definite need to help young New Zealanders succeed. Too many are falling between the cracks while various aid agencies siphon off funds to send overseas to foster and nurture children in other country’s while turning a blind eye to the critical need on our own doorstep. Ann sees an absolute and urgent need to create change in children’s lives today.

Every New Zealander’s future lies in how the youth of today are encouraged, developed, and educated in every aspect of the needs of their community. It is the adults of today that need to ensure that these youth have every advantage to be able to follow their dreams and become interested in making New Zealand an inspirational, worthwhile, and vibrant place.

Ann believes that being a Trustee of Kids at Risk will give the her opportunity to make a difference to the future of the growing numbers of children who cannot see any way ahead. Ann has a very warm heart and can see the good in all people but is also a strong believer in giving a helping hand to those who want to work for their pride and future and build a better future.

Tricia Troup - Trustee

Tricia was born in Wellington more years ago than she cares to admit.

With a variety of work experiences from accountant to training specialist, Tricia believes that she has the right skills, attitude, and understanding to offer herself as a Trustee for an organisation that stands as a ray of hope and has been created by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders, and for the future of all New Zealand.

Tricia has been fundamental in creating a Trust that will continuing giving rewards to New Zealanders for generations to come. Her desire stems from a certain belief that if we make the investment in the young New Zealanders who are most at risk then their lives, and the lives of their future generations will be fundamentally changed forever. She believes a small investment now will have a snowballing effect and pay dividends in the future. Through providing educational and other resources to young New Zealanders Tricia believes that empowerment will give them the courage to do wondrous things.

Tricia has a variety of life experiences and has a keen interest in contributing to making New Zealand a safer and more prosperous country full of people who enjoy life and who have a great sense of community

Tricia wants young New Zealanders to be bold in their dreams and loves the quote by Basil King, the Canadian author; "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”