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Claudine Murray

Claudine Murray

Executive Director/Trustee

Claudine came on board with Kids at Risk in April of 2013. It has been her passion for helping kiwi kids in need which has challenged her to want to do more. She is extremely passionate about making NZ a better place for kiwi kids, by helping to ensure our children are fed, watered and clothed. That the children are healthy and have the ability to be educated.

These are all things we take for granted and Kids at Risk want to be able to identify these issues and support and help wherever possible. Claudine has volunteered with Charities for over 12 years in her spare time while she has worked in many senior managerial roles in a number of industries. Although Claudine would like to solve all of the problems of the world, her focus and main aim is to ensure that Kids at Risk can and will help in supporting programs to educate and to raise awareness around bullying, violence and under privileged children.

Claudine manages the day to day running of the charity and is responsible for all activities, campaigns and direction of the charity in alignment with the charities goals and vision.

In her spare time, Claudine loves to spend time with her 2 granddaughters Kiara and Brooklyn and her 2 boxer dogs Rocco and Jesse.

Richard Varcoe

Richard Varcoe


Richard Varcoe is a father of 3 gorgeous girls and 2 very hypo Boxer dogs.

Richard is a qualified accountant, has co-owned an IT software company and has been a manager in a number of large corporates.

Outside of this successful career, Richard, over the years, has put a lot of time into supporting and helping other charitable organisations. He owns a zebra striped fire engine of which is used to bring joy and smiles into the lives of young kiwi kids. The fire engine has travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand along with other quirky vehicles alongside Variety – The Children’s Charity BASH. Something he has enjoyed doing for over 10 years.

However, one of Richard key passion is making a difference in the lives of kiwi kids around NZ. This is his primary reason for getting involved in this amazing charity, Kids at Risk back in April of 2013…we still a long way to go, but making good progress.

Natalie Varcoe

Natalie Varcoe

Marketing Assistant

Natalie Varcoe is new to the team and helps out with all Social Media, Newsletters and Website updates.

She is also is a keen dog lover has a beautiful golden Labrador which loves walks along the beach.

Natalie completed the Variety BASH last year in a 1973 Mercedes and became well known as the person inside the life size costume of Dave –The Minion... She thoroughly enjoyed putting smiles on the kids’ faces and getting the high five from them.

Natalie day job is as a manager in the entertainment industry.